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First, welcome to my website!

The current version is the result of almost 10 years of Internet presence and web development. The main idea of this website is to offer information on both my business and academic work, to present some of my accomplishments, to take the visitor into my "laboratory" and learn more about my projects and ideas.

For those that do not know me, my career is split in two: business and academic. Today, most of my work is in the business sector, as consultant and trainer for SMART SOLUTIONS & SUPPORT, Romania.

But I do not neglect my academic activities. I am a PhD candidate at the University of Bucharest, Faculty of Philosophy, with a thesis on The Concept of Happiness according to Aristotle and Thomas Aquinas (Supervisor: Prof. Valentin Muresan) and founder of the Research Centre in Applied Ethics and of the Centre for Medieval Studies from the University of Bucharest.

In the business area, I specialized in Business Development (Organizational Change) and Ethics & Compliance (consulting, training, and auditing). Regarding my academic research, I have a particular interest in the history of moral philosophy, ancient Greek and medieval Latin philosophy (Aristotle, Plotinus, Aquinas and Boethius of Dacia), and applied ethics (focus on business ethics, conflict ethics, and mass-media ethics). For some time, I worked on various arguments in aesthetics (e.g., kitsck, ideological role of art and erotic art).

If you want to learn more about my work and projects, I invite you navigate through this website. And if you feel commenting or making suggestions, write me at:
cristian /AT/ cristian-ducu /DOT/ ro.

(May 10, 2009)